Sing, Siren

by Touch Biloxi

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There once was a little dog named Laika. The scientists found Laika on the street, wandering around in search of food. At the laboratory there was more than enough food, but there were also rigorous tests. Laika did the very best she could, even better than the other dogs! Laika was so happy to be part of the future. When they put her in the shuttle, she didn't miss anyone because she had never had anyone to miss. A stray all her life, Laika was now a participant in the great scientific discovery of space. It was frightening when the shuttle lifted off, but Laika kept her cool and stayed calm. The shuttle broke the atmosphere, and Laika began to float! But something was wrong. The shuttle wasn't holding up, and Laika became scared. It was then that she found the helmet, and the jet pack. Having no other options the brave little dog put on the accessories and made her escape in to space. It was very cold in space, but Laika thought she would certainly be able to manage with her furry coat. What she didn't understand was a green bar she could see on the inside of her helmet. It was slowly, but steadily getting smaller. For a while she just watched it, but as it got smaller the color changed from green to orange and she started to feel a bit tired. She tried the jet pack, and it moved her around but in space there was nowhere to go. It was then that she saw the Earth. It hung in the expanse of black like a glowing bauble, light shining from it and bouncing back in to space like a spotlight. Laika stared at that slowly turning orb and thought of all the people and animals. She had helped them all by being the first of them to venture in to this cold, new terrain. Such an achievement the brave little dog had made. The bar inside of her helmet turned from orange to red and she began to become dizzy. She didn't understand what was happening, but all the while she stared at that beautiful Earth before her. She then understood a thing called love. The idea that she had done something so great for all of these people made her so happy. Darkness began to set in, and before it did the brave little dog spoke for the very first time, and to the Earth she said: "Sing siren, for thyself, and I shall dote."

Music by Mark H. Simmons II of Touch Biloxi. Album art by Emily Jarrell.


released December 24, 2014

This album is dedicated to a mother, a panda, and a magician.




Touch Biloxi Biloxi, Mississippi

Touch Biloxi is a representative of all styles of music, connected together in a hub of understanding, for your enjoyment. The first Touch Biloxi album, "Lauren," Came out on Christmas Day of 2010, and was given a positive review by "Gulf Coast Music Scene" magazine. Two more supplementary albums followed as well as a rap effort. ... more

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Track Name: Celestia's Decree
All music copyright Mark H. Simmons II of Touch Biloxi